"Raise the Flag for the Oceans" challenge


"Raise the Flag for the Oceans" challenge is world’s first concrete viral challenge for media to promote concrete measures to physically extract plastic and marine debris from the ocean initiated by world leaders. The ocean has become endangered and polluted by plastic that kills thousands of marine and aquatic species and life on this planet. Never before has there been more focus on the ocean pollution as there is today and one of the reasons is that the level of ocean pollution has become a direct threat to our existence and all life on this planet. Plastic and micro plastic has not only been detected in sea mammals and other aquatic life, but we have been presented a physical proof of the fact that traces of plastic have already been found in our bodies. This raises great concerns as to our health and lifestyle which we have brought down on ourselves by overconsumption and use of plastic. Many people believe that we have lost the battle with plastic, many world organisations are working hard to find solutions while world leading NGOs are focused on raising awareness about this problem. White Flag challenge is oriented to find solutions to extract the 70% of the plastic in the ocean that is currently laying on the sea bed. The main focus of the White Flag in the challenge “Raise the Flag for the Oceans“ is to promote concrete actions and measures and to engage the public into taking part of the ocean preservation by using world leaders to lead with example.

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Concrete measure & action

Concrete measure & action

White Flag symbolises the clean ocean, sea bed and surroundings, the highest quality of plastic-free beaches and marine areas that...
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